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With Schulte products and R. J. Closets expert design and installation, your closets will be trouble free for years with lasting beauty.

Our quotes are not the actual cost of a job, but an estimated price, as close to the actual cost as possible.  The actual cost may be slightly higher or lower depending on the actual amount of material used.  Our business is based on trust, honesty and integrity between us and the customer.  Trust, from the customer, in us to complete the job to the highest quality and standard we pride ourselves in.  Honesty, from us to the customer, we will get paid in a reasonable amount of time after the job is complete.  Our terms are 10 days unless other arrangements have been made.  A down payment may be required in cases where we have to special order products, depending on the size of the job.

Please feel free to call or email for a quote.

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