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freedom rail organized living

Organized Living

“Organized Living” is not just a way of life but also the leading name in home organization! And RJ Closets is pleased to be an authorized dealer of the many home organization solutions designed to simplify – and organize – your life.

We offer two main Organized Living lines, including FreedomRail®... READ MORE

organizing your closet

Closet Organization

Closets come in all shapes and sizes – and in nearly all locations throughout your home. For maximum storage potential, these closets often require professional design expertise.

Believe it your not, a properly designed Reach-In Closet can actually double or triple your storage space! At the same time, design aesthetics become... READ MORE

organizing your garage

Garage Organization

We've all seen the garage down the street that is so full there's no room for the car! At RJ Closets, we can help you avoid having “that” garage.

Today, garages are so much more than a place for the car. Because of that, it is increasingly important to eliminate clutter... READ MORE

organizing your pantry

Pantry Organization

Pantries were designed to allow for secondary cooking items to be stored nearby while ensuring essential items are no more than an arm's length away when cooking is underway. A properly organized pantry can make cooking a Holiday feast or a quick dinner on the run easy and nearly stress-free!

Whether... READ MORE

office den laundry room living room organization

Other Living Space Organization

At RJ Closets, we are all about helping you organize your life. That's why we can also help your organize many other living spaces throughout our home using the same organization solutions we offer for your closets, garages, and pantries. These spaces include:

  • Laundry and utility rooms
  • Dens and offices
  • Family and living... READ MORE